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Related article: Date: Tuesday, November 22, 2005 20 05th 18 0000 From: Andrew Gardner u003cbigg89 hotmail. co. UK u003e Case No :Be Here n " Ok," said David, n 'n I want to sleep dude " after the game for half an hour of video games, \\ \\ n " Hey... No " I said, and looked at him and smiled slyly," we have to play cards before sleep at night. " " right... ¿ I can ask why? "David said, and looked confused. " Because, " I said, what is the most natural sound, " My website horoscope told me to play poker every night before bed: "I said when he realized the whole heart," and anyway... Why not ? " " Oh, " laughed David," Trevor, man, you do the craziest things sometimes. " he Lolicon Bbs gave me his killer smile. Was so... rebellious. And sassy! Ha! Oh yes, that David was fine, so... upbeat, fun, always is a Wild. I always felt safe when I smiled. Oh, enough of his smile, Trevor, out of it ! I had to get my plan in action... " Ok man, let's get this show on the road, "said DavidSearch excited. Well, that was one thing, at least. Ok, now I have it right where you want. " Right, Poker, 5 Card DrawCome on! " I cried a little too strong! Oops! Imagine if my mother or my father heard that! I closed the door. Why did David Lolicon Bbs ask me. " Because, Dufus, you know, like my sister!", I replied with mock irritation. " Oh," said David, and licks her the attention she gets from the girls, such as ever: " She always had an eye on me, she is happy, we are best friends n " a shame that they were just best friends... " Come on man, " said David impatiently " Letters " " Oh, I forgot to say," I said, only in header :. "If you lose, you get punished. " " What," said David? "As a kind of sex thing," I hope... "No. " I said, in vain, "only to be imitated as a monkey, or something n". " You're good at it ! " " Oy ! " " Right in front of Trevor cards " So deal the cards. The first hand, I have gained. Who beat David with a par Russia, compared with a pair of deuces. " IThe man, "said David, " What should I do? " to be my slave ready to quit... I had this idea! " Uh... I do not Lolicon Bbs know. "I said, not said I should do something for me " Ok man, I know, " David said, " I want to take the sock.. " She took off her socks and revealed the foot does not know why, but I have liked his feet - so soft and probably felt great Oh, I never know.... The next hand was won by David beat, with only three of a kind to my ace -high. "Friend, what I do ? "I said, thinking, asking what to do. " Take off one sock, of course! " " Well, " I wonder: " Is the strip poker " The look in his eyes, turned away from the reluctance to Sly Oh shit, I had built Mist. ! " Well," said David, with an angry voice...
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